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Everything We Learned Was A Lie! in fun
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This kinda looks like a reversed video
I won't even try... in fun
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But nuggets contain the entire chicken, and are very low quality, often containing offal, and feathers that slipped through the ‘filtration’ process. Buffalo wings, at least, do not contain offal or feathers. They are ‘expensive’ because they are not nasty s**t that has been barely processed from being a chicken to being served up to you.
Me and the boys week - a Nixie.Knox and CravenMoordik event (Aug 19-25) in fun
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The only way they’d run a good franchise if it had been sold to them a maximum of 24 hours ago.
Captain Picard Facepalm in fun
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Oh, and by the way, ‘bad socialism’ is nonexistent. It’s either socialism or communism; there is not a spectrum. And how exactly is Finland falling apart? They recently hosted talks between the USA and Russia. They also have a higher GDP per annum and faster GDP growth than most EU countries. By the way, they’re not socialist either. Like Norway and Sweden, they represent capitalism when it actually works: Progressive social policies and strong unions, which does not hamper economic progress as badly as many Republicans seem to think it would.
Captain Picard Facepalm in fun
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Are you retarded? You say that a nation SPEAKS a language, not TYPES it...You’re probably this stupid because of how bad your schools are. And people don’t hate the USA for being young; The Russian Federation is much younger, yet is hated nowhere near as much by the world as America. People hate America because you elect people like Bush and Trump to run you, you mess about in the world’s affairs where you aren’t wanted, and your tourists come to our countries seemingly to show off how little class they have.
And although English is my second language, it looks like I have a lot less difficulty in speaking, reading, and writing it than you. People respected Obama; he is a good man, and he vastly improved America’s reputation. Trump is a clown with a vocabulary smaller than a 6th Grader.
While Obama would stand in the rain, without an umbrella, to commemorate WW1 and WW2, and met with veterans afterwards (and behaved very respectfully), Trump cancelled his commemoration of WW1 because he heard there would be a light drizzle.
How are you not ashamed of your President?