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Picked the wrong week in fun
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Americans have always had sympathy for the "Robin Hood" types, so stealing an election to give to the reek will be supported by some no matter what.
Creepy Condescending Wonka in politics
2 ups, 2y
Meant to be ironic. The "claims" against President Trump come no where near the evidence provided by Biden & son. ;)
Be Like Bill in fun
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This is Bill. Bill lives on a planet where 10 to the 31st power of virus exists in our air, soil and seawater. Bill BELIEVES a cheap fiber mask prevents him from being infected by virus FAR SMALLER than the passages in the mask.
Apparently Bill fishes for guppies with a tuna net and enjoys equal success with his mask.
Human Genome Project researchers have found that HALF of our human DNA is VIRALLY ATTACHED. Do some research on your own.
Don't be like Bill.
You Should Feel Bad Zoidberg in politics
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In 2019 there were 1.4 million deaths from tuberculosis reported worldwide. About the same amount every year, no one suggested shutting down the world economy over it. Perhaps because of the 80 million + new arrivals (births) each year drowns it out.
Prior to 2020, if you caught the flu, then died of pneumonia, it was a pneumonia death. 78k pneumonia deaths in 2020 called for Covid along with 51 k heart attacks, while all other forms of FLU stepped back cause of virus respect.
The CDC CHANGED how comorbidities were reported for this year from how it was done from 2003 to 2019. By their own information less than 10K Americans died of NOTHING BUT COVID; its not the "Satan Bug". If you think cheap masks stop any amount of the 10 to the 31st power of virus in our air, soil and seawater, then you probably fish for guppies with a tuna net.,
Building explosion in politics
3 ups, 2y
Extrapolation of the term "Clinton Body Count" comes to mind.