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If you’re fascist and you know it ask for amnesty in politics
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I did disagree with the "decision" that their liberally programmed software bot made, and it was overturned and put back up in only a few hours, but it is beyond ridiculous.
Liberal Consistency 101: no conscience except when it's holding a transgender flag in politics
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You have no idea what you are talking about. I have not seen someone confuse so many different passages at one time, from whom the 144,000 actually are, to a prophecy that simply doesn't exist anywhere, but perhaps in movies (son of a jackal).

As I pointed out elsewhere, your sole purpose on this site is to either corrupt others' understanding of the Word of God, or expose them to sexual immorality. Your personal corruption makes you unable to rightly access the Word of God. If I had to guess, I would say you are likely demon possessed, but at the very least, demon influenced.

For the record, Jesus did not come to Earth to eliminate any of the Word of God, which at that point was limited to the OT, but rather He came to fulfill it, because no human being could do it themselves. At the moment a person repents and places their faith in the finished work of His life, death, and resurrection, they are freed from the dictates of the Law.

Jesus commended to NT to be written, and sent His Spirit to work through the apostles to complete it. In it, we find that being freed from the Law does not mean we can live however we want. All but one of the 10 Commandments are reiterated in one form or another, making it clear that the moral code is repeated, and expounded upon.

You will never be able to understand anything of the Scriptures, and wherever you got your teaching from is a tragic joke.
Liberal Consistency 101: no conscience except when it's holding a transgender flag in politics
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"You know I'm right you just don't want to admit it"

Not sure where you got this one- I cannot find it in my comments. This would be one of the best examples of a Strawman argument, and it is certainly lying.

I do not know you know I am right, but I do know that God has given you a conscience. While it is possible to burn a conscience out, much like burning the feeling out of a finger by holding it on a hot iron, you struggle WAY too hard to be right for that to be your issue.


"Why is it so hard for you to accept the fact that there are people who actually don't agree with you?"

You ask this question because you were too shortsighted to understand my point in the first place.
Liberal Consistency 101: no conscience except when it's holding a transgender flag in politics
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At the root of it all is an anger and hatred of God, and as you have been pointing out, a God they often say they don't believe exists. Anyone that openly, or even unknowingly, hate the God Who laid His life down to save them from the penalty of their sins, is by nature a hater.

It is no surprise when something that clearly disproves their pet theories, "I was born this way!", moves them to do exactly what you describe.

This, too, is at the root of censorship, here and across all social media sites. They cannot allow anything that disproves their ideology to confront them, because it strikes a cord within that they cannot deny. Of course, they do deny it, and try to suppress it. This is also why Democrats/liberals are the ones who work to suppress Christianity in America, and around the world. You don't see them going after Islam, as one example, because most instinctively know it is a false religion.

No, they go after the one that contains the truth, regardless of how much they deny this.