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Hide the Pain Harold in fun
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BASIL: “I fought in the Korean War you know. I killed 4 men.”
SYBIL: “He was in the catering corps. He poisoned them.”
Philosoraptor in fun
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“Within this job code, men were flagged for adjustments because they received less discretionary funds than women,” the company said. To conclude from this that many men at Google are underpaid is an oversimplification. As Google mentioned in its blog post, an employee’s compensation is algorithmically-generated. From there, managers are able to increase an employees’ salary, bonus, and/or equity through discretionary funds. Among Level 4 Software Engineers, more women were given these additional funds than their male counterparts, so Google adjusted for men in this category
Search for Smock in fun
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MAD ABOUT SMOCKS | made w/ Imgflip meme maker