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Oh… it's possible.
As an American, please allow me to explain. We are told by our media that everyone loves Obama and no one likes TRUMP. But in a state with a very small population, President TRUMP was able to draw far more people to a rally than was Obama in a state with a huge population.
Don't kid yourself
I agree 100%. If I could put in a muslim ban, I would and those two countries would be number 1 and 2 on my list. But again, if they were, the reaction to the supposed ban would be not one iota different.
Don't kid yourself
As there are plenty of 'peaceful' anti-Trump protests where I wouldn't wear a MAGA hat. I honestly don't care what anyone's religion or orientation is. All I know is we all ready have 14 kinds of hell ready to explode in the USA and we don't need to import unlimited quantities more from Sandland.
Don't kid yourself
ah, found it, thanks for the pointer… hate it when I am being a dunce!