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The Meme Mural in fun
1 up, 3mo
Astonishing and well done.
PeeWee’s Playhouse in politics
0 ups, 5mo
Difference between G-d and Fauci? G-d doesn’t believe he’s Fauci
Justice Jemima in politics
1 up, 8mo
For some reason can’t reply to your comment below, so replying up here. Appreciate your reply and God bless you if you can find anything to be impressed by in the last 12 months. Looks like a flat out disaster for every American the way I see it.
Justice Jemima in politics
1 up, 8mo
‘‘Tis true. There’s been a whole lotta fakeness going on in DC. Like why does creepy Joe use a staged “oval” office across the street? Since we’re chatting... are you really satisfied/comfortable with the current situation? I gotta figure, even people who voted for the potato with best of intentions, have to be getting a little nervous with accelerating nose dive the country is in... and now war looming with Russia. It’s not looking so good if you’re an American. Assuming you are.
Justice Jemima in politics
1 up, 8mo
Fake new, fake vote, fake president.