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oops- in fun
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Josh: "I know. I'm looking over your shoulder right now."
Minecraft mending meme in gaming
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and hit 'em again
Disintegrating Cursed Cry in Roblox
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it would be nice if games rewarded robux for completing achievements in game
Disintegrating Cursed Cry in Roblox
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premium, 20 dollars a month for 2200 robux a month
Disintegrating Cursed Cry in Roblox
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No Bobux → Games make no money → Developers & Roblox don't make money → Roblox bankrupt → Roblox Collapse → No Roblox → No Happiness → Depression → Suicide

So Bobux is where roblox gets money from, and without bobux there would be no roblox. I'm not saying that bobux is good, I just wish that roblox was less pay-to-win, like some games, e.g. Plane Crazy