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Dream to Live and to Meme and when you can't Meme, Die cause Dreaming of Memeing is the only thing worth Living for. XD
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You got me Alot of Upvotes and Comments, didn't you Luke. in fun
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:((((( (many sad noises) thank you for showing me a meme i thought of 2 years ago XD
The OG is Good but the Minecraft Versions are Better. in fun
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messed up the bottom :/ eh its fine i've been gone for a while
10 Guy in fun
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rip ISAYISAY your meme's were good and you upvotes were so creative XD
This is literally so obvious(matt meese is neat) in fun
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thnks not very good since i posted it years ago XD
Surprised Pikachu in fun
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Not really