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Dream to Live and to Meme and when you can't Meme, Die cause Dreaming of Memeing is the only thing worth Living for. XD
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What was that? It looks like your "comeback" didn't seem to fully "load" please Ctrl + Alt + delete your Comment Or your Life, either will work to get rid of the virus of your Stupidity.
Its pixleated and the sea dosen't extent out far enough
Looks like it hasn't fully rendered XD
Two Buttons
Hardcore mode that way we can all se how bad you are at the game and the video ends faster XD
His inner thoughts are trapped and terrified with all the horrid things that you are doing and are seeing and when ever you get hit all he can say is oof cause it just can't handle all of it so he faints and when you hit him he wakes up see it again then faints. This what happens when you hit people. They see what they have done wrong and die a little inside