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Untitled Image in politics
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We don’t want to make the Weimar Republic great again
Untitled Image in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I like America 1st, a secure border and booming economy so I will probably vote for him again since there’s not much choice but I have been greatly disappointed and let down by Trump because.....
“How to Destroy the West” Vladimir Lenin 1921 in politics
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My feelings aren’t triggered I’m literally LAUGHING at your desperate trolling and amused by your hardcore dedication to stupid.
“How to Destroy the West” Vladimir Lenin 1921 in politics
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Communist propagandists are the masters of disinfo.
Sometimes You Just Have To Face The Truth Biden Was A Bad Idea And....... in politics
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Lol It’s always you that tries to pass yourself off as an intellectual elite smh. I’m well aware of the Caucasus Mountains and our DNA origins thank you very much. As far as most Jews being white. You’re only half right as Zionist Israel was founded by mixed European and Semitic peoples (again Asiatic and African cross). Most “white ppl” today claiming to be Jews is because of their European Pagan ancestors being converted to Judaism and the ones who didn’t usually got converted to Judaeo Christianity instead.