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Is it rudely talking back? Apparently so. in fun
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I don't think she read the later parts of the New Testament, there is a part (I'll look it up later) that instructs parents to not be overly harsh to their kids so that they will not lose heart, when you push someone too far they aren't coming back.
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp in fun
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The "music" that plays at Taco Bell is mind numbing, same crap over and over and over and over and over and over.
Be sure to refill next month! in fun
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Two of my best friends could not function without their medications, one has severe ADHD to the point where he could not hold down a job without it because his mind wanders too much and he physically cannot concentrate on one task for more than a minute, and no amount of willpower can help him, it's that bad, it is apparent every time he talks and moves because he's twitchy as hell. The other guy (partly due to a lifetime of neglect and loneliness) suffers from hallucinations, massive anxiety, and depression, and a number of natural physical ailments, he even now has been unable to work for long due to it all (he couldn't even spend much time outdoors on our Yellowstone trip because he got blood blisters in sunlight (two clinics there said he was the worst case of that they have ever seen) and has little to no ability to regulate his body heat, he got heat stroke at old faithful from walking for 15 minutes), and would have violent paranoia without his medication, he told me that I would recognize him without it. Simply labeling the makers of medications in this way ignores the fact that a large amount of things that people take medications for have no cure, and when people say that these didn't exist up until only a few decades ago I remind them that people who today require pills use to die at an early age, end up in prison, were locked up in asylums (keeping "abnormal" people out of the eyes of society was their only goal), or were hobos most of their lives.