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Lying while in office should be a capital offense IMO in politics
1 up, 4w
You're probably right, but it's animated in a loop for a reason.
On a scale of one to even…I just can’t.. in politics
1 up, 1mo
I've been using a Berkey for many years, and I love it! As for politicizing water... Stupid is stupid, regardless of which party is spitting it out.
Some tech bros genuinely believe this: in Tesla_slander
0 ups, 1mo
Why not? At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if a piece of toast costs $10,000 one day. (Butter is extra)
Tech bros be like: in fun
2 ups, 1mo
That cybertruck looks like a pinewood derby car XD.
Debate me in politics
2 ups, 1mo
I agree with the pledge of allegiance at any rate. As for nationalism, it depends on what you mean by that.