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I come here to laugh, and hopefully make someone else smile :-)
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Excellent Team Work
That really is cool!
Carl Sez
I agree! Hey, here's something cool... we were visiting our niece who lives in a downtown setting, and as we walked past the buildings, I saw someone had a 6" Newtonian reflector standing in the middle of their living room! I thought it was so cool. I said that might be something I need in my living room also :-)
Carl Sez
I have the series, it's on VHS, but it's still cool. I run it when I'm working in my basement and can probably recite the entire script :-) I still get a kick out of it!
Nothing but self-serving compliments. This man was obsessed with his non-existent legacy, NOT the American people.
Ha ha! I'll bet! It really is a creepy looking meme. Of course I mean that as the highest compliment!
Overly Manly Man
Great meme! Lol :-)