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Proper Racism Etiquette in fun
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Exactly my point ...
Penetration, inflation, or inhalation, it’s all gonna cost ya! in fun
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I've been wondering why suddenly as of 2014 all the pinup stuff stopped for her.

I ran across a blog post saying "she recently accepted a position as vice president of a major semiconductor manufacturer and no longer has time to model."

I thought ... YEAH ... RIGHT ...

I just found her bio on a blog she started:

I'm an NPC Bikini competitor and Pinup Model. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and went to Purdue University for my undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering. I then relocated to Arizona to finish up my studies at Arizona State University. I hold a Masters Degree in both Chemical and Electrical Engineering. When I’m not working as a Semiconductor Design Engineer, I compete in the NPC. I also do Pinup and Leg Modeling as well. In addition I teach Yoga, Core Fitness, and Sensual dance. In my spare time, I love to spend quiet evenings with my Husband to whom I have been happily married for eight years now.
Fishnet in booty
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Hmm ... looks fishy to me ...
Run like the Police are chasing you in legsetc
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That isn't Ann Coulter, is it?
Not a bad idea I suppose. in fun
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