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C'mon IMGFLIP, you're better than this!
Ok, just saw why you posted this. Sorry for bringing that subject (My comment) up without reading the comments section.
C'mon IMGFLIP, you're better than this!
hmmm Do you mean the NSFW filter? I haven't seen any censored memes. If your memes have been censored, the probably broke the submission rules, like no full nudity, for example. (lol thats the main one I can remember, not accusing for of full nudity in your memes.) if its the NSFW filter, it's to keep imgflip an all-ages site. it's not a good idea for young kids to see excessive cursing or references to genitalia/ genitalia itself.
Congrats Imgflip Users!
I'm_A_Naughty_Nymph wouldn't happen to be at the op, would she?