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Untitled Image in fun
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What do you think the likelyhood is of a black person making that meme you made?
0% chance I reckon, this is why it looks like a white criticism of black people. If you can't acknowledge that, you are more stupid than the meme itself.
Untitled Image in fun
3 ups, 4y
Not making any sense to you perhaps, it's quite straight forward. You said it was you calling black people idiots not a cop. I was asking if you were also the person arresting? easy peasy
Untitled Image in fun
4 ups, 4y
AND? You have suggested to an audience it is the words of a police officer (hence the picture), I know it isn't a quote. Now, who is arresting, you or a police officer? Use your brain.
Untitled Image in fun
7 ups, 4y
It was the cop arresting but you calling him an idiot? Are you one of the cops multipersonalities? DUH
Kiss My Ass in fun
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The whole.