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The wolf is a nice pup, don't scare it! Fursona Name: Farkas! Happy Furry! Silly Vibes Only! <3
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? in Furries-stream
2 ups, 2mo
Anti-pokephilia meme: in anti_furry_society
1 up, 2mo
I genuinely cannot tell the difference
I just see a pokemon
that's all I need to know
? in Furries-stream
2 ups, 2mo
I didn't even know what it was at the time, I was just tryna watch memes lmao o-o
? in Furries-stream
2 ups, 2mo
The first time I heard about e621 was probably in 2022. Only mentioned once, never paid attention to it
Then, in 2023 it suddenly appeared EVERYWHERE
of course my smartass blocked every single pop up