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(they/them) I like frogs and Percy Jackson
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its beautiful in LGBTQ
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Thank you
i piss in LGBTQ
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Just bc all u do is spam the stream. I have nothing against u it just gets annoying after awhile.
(No offence) in LGBTQ
1 up, 1y
Nothing against furrys or thier community, but just Rigby spamming the stream all the time is irritating.
Blank Transparent Square in Transgender_Stream
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If u have like mascara you can use it to make your eyebrows more busy, helps me feel masc.
And if u have a makeup pallet that has a shade darker than your skin tone you can use it to make your jawline deeper.
You can look up 'how to use makeup too look masc" on like tick tock, if you have it, or I think there's a few videos on yt
relatable in cursedcomments
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