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Don't worry....we'll get "reimbursed" for that glorious wall. LOL in fun
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What a load of BS. All you delusional fascists do is project lies and stupidity. He has delivered on EVERYTHING while you've done nothing but destroy, threaten, and assault with your Antifa fascist temper tantrums. Every city and state you control is a stinking ghetto rampant with crime and poverty.

>hurr I work you don't work

You're a spoiled self entitled brat who hires illegals to do the work your lazy hypocrite self won't do.

>bawww lying


You create poverty and drive away business with rampant taxation while expanding your socialist welfare state. You don't care about the poor or working Middle class America and it's disgusting that you continue to get away with spouting evil rot gut bigotry.

Only you masked devils would forcefully take the remains of Korean war vets from their families and send them back to Kim Jong Un out of pure spite against Trump.
Don't worry....we'll get "reimbursed" for that glorious wall. LOL in fun
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Remember all that evidence showing how Trump colluded with Russia?

Remember that long detailed list of all the endless constant lies that Trump tells?

Remember when Benghazi was started by a YouTube video?

Remember when you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor?

Remember Antifa's support for peaceful protest and respect towards opposing views?

Remember all that media coverage of Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck, Jamiel Shaw, Ronald Singh, and the other victims of illegal alien crime?

Remember how the media persistently hounded Ralph Northam for his support of post term abortion/murder and racist black face hypocrisy?

Remember when Judge Kavanaugh was given the same due process as Justin Fairfax?

I don't and it wasn't awesome.
Don't worry....we'll get "reimbursed" for that glorious wall. LOL in fun
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Remember when the SJWs and RINOs all said Trump would never be president and Hillary would win in a landslide?

Remember when Obama said "stop complaining and accept the results?"

Remember when you could browse the web without being bombarded with Christophobic hate speech and other unrelated leftwing fascism getting shoehorned in because of the most remotely arcane algorithms?

That was awesome.
Untitled Image in fun
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>ripping on the absurdity of islam being a race
>whining about trump

t. RINO Neocon
Sans bad time in fun
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You stupid leftards lost because you're hateful vindictive hypocrites and relentlessly shit your vacuous SJW stupidity and fascist bigotry into literally EVERY DAMN WEB SEARCH AND MEDIUM. Your presidential candidate was a pretentious disingenuous b**ch who had people murdered and sold uranium to the Russians along with your god king Obumass. THERE IS NO RUSSIA-TRUMP COLLUSION YOU LYING MURDEROUS POS AND SOCIALISM WILL NEVER EVER F**KING WORK YOU DELUSIONAL DEMOKKKRAT DUMBF**K. GLOBAL WARMING IS A F**KING HOAX AND MEXICAN IS NOT A RACE YOU GODLESS RACIST EUGENIST. After 8 years of "shut up and obey your government or you're a racist," f**k your baby-killing gun-snatching Sharia-loving pussy hat bimbo snowflake "resistance."