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pizza delivery man in fun
1 up, 9y
This may be messed up, but I was thinking what if we hire Chinese ex body guards, ect instead of "other" people to be policemen/women while people complain of their low salaries from places like pizza hut for example can work in sweat shops. The new recruits can be pay higher salary for their job well done. I think we need something like that in Amurica.
Why can't I skip it anymore? YouTube explain pls. in fun
0 ups, 9y
I don't care about the ad. I don't care if the video buffers, but if the 10 minute 'no skip' button ad buffers, I suffer.
Untitled Image in fun
4 ups, 9y
Can't rid of them! They don't pay rent, the freeloaders!
Mmmmmm friendship in fun