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Don't yell at me, I know its not true and can't be but hey, who cares in PotterheadsUnite
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Oh really! Thats so cool.
I meant like if the baby was far enough along that it was its own self, and when she was killed, the curse only went to one soul so the baby survived and someone found her and idk helped or something.
I’m legit so excited.... in The_Whoniverse
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I made 2 or 3 diary entries for 9 different people throughout the different units meeting up with the doctor. It was so much fun. But also kinda hard cuz I had to look up everything for each person and every detail about random events I could tie the doctor into.
I gave up on the last 3 but the rest were pretty good
any proof either way? in The_Think_Tank
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I don't believe that I said anything about Jesus.
I said G-d.
Not the same thing
And as much proof as you have that He doesn't exist, I have 10000x more but I'm not interested in a debate because I know you aren't looking for an answer, you merely want to push your opinion on someone who isn't interested just as you are not interested in my opinion.
Ig this is goodbye in MS_memer_group
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I respect this
I never come on anymore because people forgot about me. I still come on to check out the Comics stream occasionally.
I’m glad you understand where you are and I wish you lots of luck in everything you do
If you ever need advice like old times, I’ll check my messages just in case.
Thanks for being my friend
Don’t listen to anyone who would tell you to stay when you know you need to go.
Again, good luck and contact me whenever you need me most.