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Cue up the anger. It's almost speech time... in politics
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That's nothing compared to what the other end is going to unleash.
History was made today in politics
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She didn't even get to have an inaugural balling.
Happy and Healthy Holidays Everyone in fun
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About 60% were asymptomatic before the vax was even available. About 95% of the severe illness and death is in people with underlying conditions and comorbidities which were mostly all related to poor diet. Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, and congestive heart disease, in that order are the top 3. If people had eaten better and exercised the last 18 months, this thing would be over. You must be listening to the "experts" and not doing your own research so you can tell if they're lying or not. Pfizer is spending all kinds of dough to sway public opinion. I'd rather be unvaxed and healthy than 450 pounds with both jabs and all boosters I can get..
Our First Thanksgiving in Joe Biden's America in politics
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That was in April, right after everything had just shut down and everyone hoarded buttwipe. By turkey day is was all back to normal again. This is Joe's baby. Oh wait. Delta. The assault weapon Covid variant caused it all. Where's Mayor Pete. He's gonna ruin Christmas...

Joe has a new advisor in politics
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