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You make absolutely HORRIBLE memes. And you're talking crap to people, telling them that no one gets a "trophy." And then you boast about yourself and when you get crap dumped on you you whine about it. You're the attention w**re here. You're the one who's being the idiot bouncing around thinking you're better than everybody. And then when someone says something to you, you pull the line "It's just a website." You are the bane of this website's existence. I get pissed easily, and I try not to swear, but, you know what?

Back the f**k off.
The Rock Driving in fun
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Of course he's not the only one to blame, but I said that due to him being the subject of the meme. If it were talking about Bush, I probably would've said some positive things, but also mention some negatives. That's where I see flaws in Republicans and Democrats. They only look at the negative. It's like Republicans calling Democrats "Communists" because of Obama, and Democrats calling Republicans "War Lovers" because of Bush. We only look at the negatives and not the positives.
The Rock Driving in fun
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But Obama isn't helping at all.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers in fun
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I'm just saying: People will only complain when a black person is involved. White people, even innocent ones, will get sentenced. Although blacks are more commonly arrested, all races can get put into court for something they didn't do. I suggest that people stop rioting about how black people need to stop being evicted, and at least look around about non-black people who are there for no reason.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers in fun
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You make it seem like the cops are horrible people who should not exist. Without cops, you, me, probably all of us would be dead by now. You complain about cops "killing innocent people," but your just too ignorant to look at the facts: 90% of these cops, the people that protect us, do their job. They help us. And if you call me stupid for saying that, you should go look into the mirror, because I'm not the stupid one here.