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It's a sign of the nation's decay.
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big government LIFE
Too bad. Now everybody but you knows you got owned.
big government LIFE
I guess you feel that makes me a complete idiot too? Yes, you’re still an idiot for missing MY point. In fact, I now believe it more so. Congratulations! Who decides who gets to own a weapon and who doesn’t? You? Me? Some other person with a political agenda and an axe to grind? NOTA When it’s a right it’s for everyone. Not a chosen or unbranded few. So yes, you’re still a complete idiot. You have the right to protect yourself or not. You don’t strip someone else of a right because you or some other complete idiot has an opinion otherwise. Your options are to protect yourself by any means available, or change the law. One way is that of a person completely responsible for themselves and their own safety, the other is a coward’s way of having someone else be responsible for them. ALL laws are a choice between personal freedom and government control. Government control is for cowards. The less government control the better IMO. If you don’t think that’s reason enough you’re obviously welcome to disagree. I give zero f**ks what you or anybody thinks or feels. I’m tired of everyone telling me when or where or what or even about whom I should care. The world is a tough place. Were I you, I’d develop thicker skin. This is my dialogue. You’re welcome to disagree and/or dislike that all you wish too. Get me banned, turn community sentiment against me, whatever you wish. As previously stated, I give zero f**ks. And I also upvoted your memes as well. Since points (worth f**kall BTW) are so much a concern that you pointed it out to me, I received impression that they have some worth to you. Have all the fun you can gloating over something worth nothing at all. Sounds like the actions of a complete idiot to me wouldn’t you say? Finally, believing anything that comes from media owned by the same people that own government is also the action of a complete idiot. Believe it at your own peril.