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It's a sign of the nation's decay.
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A little resemblance I found... in fun
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If you can't follow basic logic the problem is yours, not mine. I can't hold your hand and show you things you obviously won't believe and don't want to know anyway. Your ilk seems to have a disdain for truth. It undoes everything you believe. The ignorant seemingly prefer to stay that way.

So a hundred year old pic means that Christians are racist? But the KKK "was" affiliated with the democrats. Whatever helps you sleep at night. No actual Christian I know would participate in the KKK. I did deny the KKK was a Christian organization when I put Christian in quotes. Your lack of comprehension is not surprising.

Who funds antifa? Follow the money. It's all there in the open. But you won't look. People like you eat what they're fed and never ask from where it comes.

And I brought up the Masons to prove the point that because you're a member of an organization that portrays itself to be something doesn't actually mean it is what it pretends to be. And any serious inquiry into modern Masonry would prove what I say is true but, as previously established, you care not for the truth or where it may lead.

Be a fool if that suits you.

This is obviously far above you (and beneath me) so I'll stop here. Never argue with a fool because a bystander can't tell who's who. Rant all you wish, I'll not return and favor whatever you spew in response. You obviously suckle at the teat of today's Mockingbird Media and forgo even modest critical thinking.

I'll leave you with this and maybe someday you'll understand (but I doubt it).

You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
A little resemblance I found... in fun
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The KKK was the militant arm of the democratic party in southern states. Much as antifa is today. The sole purpose of the KKK was to intimidate blacks with violence to keep them from and assimilating into the population and culture after the reconstruction period following the Civil War. Their being "Christian" is irrelevant. Masons are encouraged to be a member of a house of worship but are avowed satanists. So your point, or more accurately pointlessness, only serves to prove your ignorance, arrogance, and, foolishness.

You can delete your post now so you are perceived less a fool by other flippers.

Good day.
Third World Skeptical Kid in fun
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Thanks! Been plastering this one all over twitter. =D
A little resemblance I found... in fun
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Once a democrat, always a democrat.
Caged Illegals and Hypocrisy in fun
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I don't like him either. I like you though, sir.