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I was, I swear! in fun
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My only response to all of that is "wow". I do believe in reincarnation ( although not in any real religion, what I believe is kind of hard to describe ).

To the rest..Again, wow. You've experienced so much, and one day I hope to have experienced what you have. I salute you, sir.
I was, I swear! in fun
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Wow. You're lucky to have been born then, but I was born a year after 9/11 - not everyone's as lucky as you are. And too, some of my family went into the military - my dad, my uncle, and my cousin's a Marine right now. I don't think I'd be able to follow the same path, but my brother might. He loves model planes and tanks, as well as WWII. He's the only boy in three girls, so I can't help but feel bad for him. Sorry, Jon!

Selling comics in a booth sounds fun - think of all the people you could meet with similar interests! I don't have any comics and such, but a bunch of manga, teen fantasy novels, and English literature. If I wanted, I could read them online but I feel it takes away from the experience of actually reading.
I was, I swear! in fun
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Ohh, RayRay seems cool. I've never gone to a Con ( I'd love to, eventually ). Never tried Tegami Bachi, but maybe I'll try it.

Generally, if you're going to make memes about a certain, yet obscure subject, make sure you use an image where we can see what's going on and easily describable, and caption it simply. Someone hitting someone else over the head? "You can't just show your cat the dog", etc. It's a hard art, but if you look up "anime memes" you'll be greeted with stuff from "that's fine" to "why would someone make this".

I think you're at a ripe age, if I do say so myself. You can tell people about the things you remember while passing them on and getting into the new things, whereas the younger generation like me only know the new stuff. I'll eventually grow as old as you have and learn of the future world, but not right now. You have it good, I daresay.

Mm, when I buy manga I go to Barnes and Noble in-person. In January, they have a buy two get one free sale, so it's awfully good if you want to get presents for the grandkids (albeit late). That's how I grew my collection so quickly, and I've only been collecting for two years now.
I was, I swear! in fun
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I've never tried Shonen Go, it's always been KissAnime for me. It's free and has a /lot/ of stuff, but the ads are everywhere.
I was, I swear! in fun
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This is to your most recent comment, the site won't let me reply straight to that.

You'd be an amazing grandfather to have, I think. A series I personally recommend ( Next to no nudity, save for one scene near the end, but it's all just dashed away nonetheless - she noticed him before it was too late ) is Fullmetal Alchemist and it's manga. There's the original, which is like the shows you'd wake up early on Saturday to watch - formatted for the TVs of that time ( it's from around 2002-3 if I remember right ) but doesn't end like the manga does. It came out before the manga was completed, but the most recent version, Brotherhood, finishes as the manga does. It's a real tear-jerker, but at some times it's kind of bloody and fast-paced. I watched it with my siblings ( all younger than me ) and it's quite good. It's on Netflix, or you can watch it online on sites like It's one of my favorites.

My parents saw part of it as well and never saw a problem. It's rated TV-14, I think, but the original is PG.

I like parents involved in their kid's stuff too, even though it could be considered "overprotection" and "invasion of privacy" - there are just some things kids shouldn't see until they're old enough.