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Tony used a school bus and his own time and money to save these pets
Thank you for thinking of me and my dog. It was a rough day. Knowing what time the vet was coming, it's like you try to be with her all you can before she's gone. Friday night we had her sleep with us in our bed. She never was in our newer house, so she was wondering what was going on. But, she was comfortable and loved on til she fell asleep. She slept against me the whole night. Just like a woman, I had to sleep at the edge of the bed. :) On Saturday, we kept bugging her. She just wanted to nap on her dog bed in her dog house. We gave her her favorite treat pepperoni. Kept telling her how much we loved her. It's still rough to talk about. I'll post a memorial for her on here. Just to give her story, which we love to tell. Part of her story, she placed 4th and 5th in the world in coonhound competition. She was a great dog. And thank you for thoughts and hugs. :)
Tony used a school bus and his own time and money to save these pets
I have bad news. My wife had the vet out today, our coonhound who is 15 years old also, needs to be put down. They think she has breast cancer and has glaucoma in one eye. She has been losing weight, and we switched to can food for her. But, she is in bad shape. She is the sweetest dog we ever had. So gentle, loving, and happy. We are planning on putting her down on Saturday. I don't know when I'll be back on here. I'm a pretty sad about this.
Is it still fake out week?
The whole movie freaked me out. Lol
Is it still fake out week?
https://i.imgflip.com/2h6xol.gif That movie freaked me out.