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Reagan was inferior. in politics
0 ups, 2y
Obama dropped bombs in more country than any President since WW2.

The people of Libya being sold in human trafficking because Obama had their government leader assassinated might disagree with your assessment of criminal.
BIDEN'S AMERICA! in politics
1 up, 2y
Why do you have a picture of Antifa on top? Seriously, they aren't for Trump.
The Ghosts of Karens Past in fun
1 up, 2y
I'll take a double shot of the stinkiest scotch whiskey you have Bartender, Let there be NO MISTAKE, I want these ladies to smell it all the way on the other side of the street....

Making sure they keep their distance.
Obama's Cash in Iran in politics
1 up, 2y
You know what the court does will the criminals money when they're found guilty of a crime, they confiscated it.
Obama's Cash in Iran in politics
1 up, 2y
Did we raize Canada and destroy their military, bomb all their cities and found their new government? If we did then we should pay to help rebuild them as well.