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Constitutional conservative and Atheist so no matter which side you're on I'll probably piss you off eventually.
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Just memeing around and I finally notice this
I noticed it the very first day I joined. They're just trying to be cute.
LOL drop a meme comment that represents!!
Mine represents my views on religion in all it's incarnations. They are all false and they are all about profit. (Though many throw in controlling peoples behavior via fear or violence.
NYC Subway Bomber - Failure to Launch
Well I've been told over and over again by top users that originality does not matter. Points do. That's why they steal from other sites or repost and say that Memes are about "Sharing" When it comes to collusion and corruption, most of the top users have the DNC beat.
Success Kid
I like that idea ! Maybe I will when I'm a bit more sober !
Success Kid
I wrote the lyrics to the song "Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter group. True story.