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Aren't all assaults hate crimes? Saying it's worse if it's done to certain type of individual marginalizes everyone else. Assault on a police officer should not have any more penalty then assault on the guy standing on the corner. They are both citizens. The problem isn't that the punishment for assaulting a police officer is higher, it's that the punishment for assaulting a guy in the street is too low. If I punch a guy in face and happen to say "Take this 4 eyes" and he wears glasses does that mean I hate ALL people that wear glasses? My Mom and brother wear glasses and I use reading glasses. A verbal slur does not a hate crime make. Crime is crime. ALL crime should be punished equally no matter the sex, race, gender, occupation or political affiliation of the victim.
Leonardo Dicaprio Wolf Of Wall Street
who says Hollywood is racist?
And just like in REAL life...he failed.
Futurama Fry
Leonardo Dicaprio Wolf Of Wall Street
You can tell your girlfriend is getting fat when she sits on your face and you can't hear the stereo.