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Constitutional conservative and Atheist so no matter which side you're on I'll probably piss you off eventually.
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I personally don't mind pineapple on pizza if it also has jalapenos to balance the sweetness!!!
That's how I order my pizza. pepperoni, garlic, pineapple and jalapenos. My kids always thought that was "Gross" so I always had to order a pizza they liked in addition to mine. One day, my daughter tried a slice of mine and now as an adult, she orders hers the same way. She has also adopted my love of Tapatio hot sauce. The ONLY real commercial hot sauce. Almost everything else has vinegar in it. Do you want hot sauce, or a douche?
go cut a switch...
I raised 3 kids on my own. Sometimes, when we went out to eat or shopping or whatever people would comment to me, "Wow, your kids are so well behaved" To which I would jokingly reply, "That's because I beat them regularly" The various reactions were hilarious.
those who forget the past...
Doesn't matter if she said those exact words or not. Liberalism has determined that implying, interpretation and accusing without evidence is enough to defame someone. Have you not watched the Kavanagh debacle? Hmmm wait just a second...ChazThePhoenix..I lived in Phoenix for 7 years..I think you inappropriately touched me at the QT mart on 19th street sometime back in 2016. Prove you were not there.
How many more will come out of the woodwork at the last minute?
All of those that voted for Bill Clinton, twice and all of those that voted for Hillary Clinton as she stayed married to a rapist and even attacked his victims.
This is as cold and hard as facts get.
So you believe the government has the right to tell a private business owner who he should or should not hire to represent his business? Maybe that accounting firm should be forced to hire that guy with the face tattoos and the chain that connects his nose ring to his ear ring.