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Sam Elliott special kind of stupid
MY view is skewed? Judges 11:29-40 He kills a followers daughter..worse, demands that HE kill her. 2 Kings 23:20-25 He demands that Pagans be murdered...errr sacrificed. Deuteronomy 13:13-19 commands God's people to kill non-believers. I could go on and on but it won't matter to you because you WANT to believe so you will ignore all facts and evidence even if it comes from your own holy book. It's kind of like Hillary's e-mails and the hacking of the DNC. They never denied what was revealed was true, they tried to deflect by blaming the Russians. Well, what the Bible says about God is true but the Christians try to deflect by blaming Satan.
Sam Elliott special kind of stupid
Au Contraire... I was a Christian until I read the Bible. It clearly shows God's murderous ways and treachery. I decided he was either too cruel to be deserving of my worship or he was just an excuse for the barbarians to excuse their actions. "God told us to" is the same excuse the Muslims used when they flew the planes into the buildings. If you had read the Bible instead of just swallowing what your Pastors and Preachers told you. you would see it too. Deuteronomy 4:2 and Deuteronomy 12:32 clearly say the Old Testament must be obeyed. To say that Jesus changed all that is against the Old Testament so clearly Jesus was one of the many false Messiahs the OT warned against. To say that the Bibles guidelines have changed through the times is an admission that God is not all-knowing, all-powerful, or infallible. If his plan from the beginning was perfect, then why did he have to change it? Now before you even resort to the tired and lame tactic of Christians blaming Satan I will ask you this. Who created Satan? Hmmm God did, right? If you claim that Satan is the cause of the Evil then you are really nullifying God because if he was all-knowing then he created Satan knowing exactly what he would do. If you claim Satan is the cause and God had no idea Satan would rebel then you are admitting that God is not all-knowing.
Love it. If the rest of the west would stop this migration craziness then civilization still has a chance.
Sam Elliott special kind of stupid
No, because the modern day Christian is a Christian in name only. They gave up the teachings of the Bible long ago and do not follow the rules of their God. If they did, they would be just as bad as the Muslims...dashing babies against rocks, ripping infants from the womb, owning slaves, killing all those that do not believe as they do etc. These are all las from the Biblical God but thankfully the modern Christians have chose to ignore them because they have become civilized. Which means that though they still call themselves Christian they are going to Hell just like me for disobeying God. :-)
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