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Constitutional conservative and Atheist so no matter which side you're on I'll probably piss you off eventually.
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I'm puzzled , too ?
Because Raydog and the other top users upvote and comment on each others memes no matter how horrible they are or whether they stole them or not because their lives are so pathetic they need to maintain their top user status to feel good about themselves.
Armed American
I'm an avid gun owner and I don't like it either. Imagine you're in a bank or at the mall or wherever and the bad guys show up. They are going to take out perceived threats first. Cops, security guards and any fool openly displaying a gun. I carry concealed. I don't like a threat. When the bad guy is "in control" and leaves an opening, I shoot him in the back of the head.
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You should have done 2 pie charts. This one, labelled "What the fake news tells you" and another one with the colors reversed that says "Reality"
Final Kiss