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Constitutional conservative and Atheist so no matter which side you're on I'll probably piss you off eventually.
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That Would Be Great
I used to think so too but the media has gone so overboard on Trump bashing that even the previously blind are starting to see it and reevaluating their political beliefs. The Right has said for a long time the media is biased, the Left is proving it for them and bringing more people that were on the Left to the Center or Right.
my local news
Cover your asp.
A silly attempt at the front page
Might work but the tried and true method is to just to steal memes from other sites and post them here as your own. That works for most of the ones on the leaderboard.
It's illogical
Wait..did you just say " It's America. It won't do such atrocities because there is a constitution protecting democracy." while advocating taking one of those Constitutionally guaranteed rights away? The very one that ensures that the others CAN'T be taken away by the government? Wow, just wow.
i saw this one and laughed hard, enjoy!
I am a lifelong Washington Redskins fan and I am offended that you put her ugly mug on my logo. I may have to go burn down a pharmacy or something to express my victimhood.