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Constitutional conservative and Atheist so no matter which side you're on I'll probably piss you off eventually.
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Wow. if they held to that standard every time Raydog would never even get close to the leaderboard ! :-)
Since their murdering of innocent children offends me, I should be allowed to do this just as the tearing down of statues are Ok
"involuntarily pregnant?" What the hell does that mean? "Oh, I was horny and made a bad decision and CONTINUED to make a bad decision by not taking care of it right away. It's cool though, I'll just kill the innocent baby" I am not a religious person, I do not believe a baby is a baby at conception. Women have plenty of time and options to terminate a pregnancy BEFORE the pregnancy results in a child. A woman's bad choices do not give her the right to kill a baby.
Every 5 minutes....
No, he called himself homosexual. If you think that equates to being a loser then you must be homophobic. You are probably a closet racist as well.
College Liberal
Using her Iphone.
I take a lot of steps in the shower.
Those aren't steps...try taking it off your wrist and putting it on your ankle. :-)