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It's actually happened to me
I can relate. When I had Cox as my internet provider I would sometimes lose service so I would call their help line. There would be a message that says they were closed because it was after business hours and if I needed immediate assistance to please log on to their website. Umm I'm calling because I have no internet access. Cox is aptly named..I changed providers.
two can play this game
An upvote wasn't enough. I found this funny so I commented.
Untitled Image
Haha....I work for a John Deere dealership. Some of the machines can be truly scary.
Bad blind pun
Ahh but it had a surprise ending...and he never saw it coming.
Forrest gump
But your comment is based on a fallacy, the owners of the bakery did not refuse to serve the homosexual couple. They offered them any cake in the store. What they refused to do was bake a homosexual themed cake. If a KKK member had went to a black owned bakery and asked them to bake a cake with KKK designs on it and they refused would you be behind the KKK member or the black bakers? If a restaurant had refused service to an Obama official because they didn't like Obama would you be singing the same song? No, you'd be crying "Racist!" Maybe that Obama executive should have had better control over his or her decision to be an Obama executive.