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Unless you don't like but you look at the comments just for the hell of it or to disagree.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
Umm...more Christians commit suicide than atheists simply because there are so many more Christians. The study you are referring to purports that Athiests have a higher suicide rate than Christians. I do not know if that is true or not as the study was flawed. Regardless, I personally find not believing in an "afterlife" liberating since I try to live my only life to the fullest. Also, I don't think any less of people for being Christians- if thier beliefs help them live a better life, then good for them. I just dislike the intolerance displayed by some of them. To them I say be more like Jesus and love your fellow man rather than try to run his life. Finally, if heaven doesn't have bourbon, golf courses, fly fishing. and strip clubs, I'm not interested in visiting anyway lol.
Squirrel Helper
Opossum is f**king nasty. Squirrel is really good though. My kids actually fight over who gets the brain lol.