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I am far too invested in the riordanverse...
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B R U H in fun
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maybe you could fly from the bottom to the top?
Fat guy on waterslide in fun
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hey man im a girl and I would totally do that that looks sick
I CAN'T CHOOSE in Camp_half-blood_stuf
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me too sister, me too
Untitled Image in Middle-School
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Full Problem: The first red flag should've been when he tried to kill me. He tried to ret a tree i was in on fire, mun I had a locator map and knew he was underme, soi escaped without even being caught on fire He was asking me for a friend request, so I left the game to send him one. When I joined back in, the first thing I saw in chat was "Wolf was killed by so-and-so(I will not be giving out their real username)". Today I rejoined the realm and he wasn't even on. I don't want revenge(The most revenge I got was removing a single piece of redstone from his piston door, good luck finding the missing link), I just want to know what I should do from here. Confront them? Ignore them? I'm asking for real answers. Thanks!