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No one blames the gun in Police Shootings
Who is 'pro-mass-shooter'? That is asinine. Keep blaming the NRA and the 2nd Amendment. What's funny about blaming the NRA though is it's not their members commuting mass shootings.
Don't Treat Women Like Objects
You must be dehydrated to be showing such thirst.
Don't Treat Women Like Objects
No, they're literally a dime a dozen.
Impeaching someone that Isn't your President?
No matter where you go there's always some idiot like IronedSandwich who takes things way too literally. Good luck pushing your rep's to impeach Trump.
Chelsea Manning and leaks.....
I don't believe he was truly interested in becoming a she until he was faced with doing 25+ years in prison. Playing the transgender card helped garner sympathy and he was also very protected because of the "transition".. There was talk of moving him to a female prison also. In prison they were only giving him hormones, they weren't going with the full snip and cut. Now that he's out I expect he'll "transition" back into a guy rather than get his dick sliced off. It was all a ploy to get things easier in prison but now he's been released I'd be surprised if he followed through with the snip and tuck.