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My Birthday!
Wow don't i ever shut my mouth!?! hahaaha
hardcore smack down on Gasoline cars
I bought one of the S3XY shirts and I think it is cool
hardcore smack down on Gasoline cars
what he has is a big heart, level head and great mind. Donation to Puerto Rico demonstrates big heart.
hardcore smack down on Gasoline cars
The new Tesla Roadster 0-60mph in 1.9 secs yeah PLAID!!!! 0-100 in 4.9 seconds as Elon Musk put it this is a "hardcore smack down to gasoline cars!" ready 2020.
SpaceX explosion & UFO
Ricky_out_loud listen I watched the video it was at 1:11 that it explodes. I went and stopped it several times and got several different pictures then I noticed the 'bird' as you call it going cross the screen. It looks slow in the flip pic but it was only ONE SECOND of the ENTIRE VIDEO to show all that means that "BIRD" was basically going supersonic. NOTHING a bird can do..