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Obama wasn't that great; Trump just makes him look that way!
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I'd have gone into more detail about all the wankery but I couldn't afford a venti
Not mine but I like this one too: https://i.imgflip.com/21x5sd.jpg
Lying Trump
Kind of like my father-in-law...there's nothing I hear on here that I don't here from him. Yet we still see him every month. Ultimately helps me respond the few times I actually feel like spending effort on a "shared learning" discussion.
Lying Trump
Appreciate it...nice to meet you. I'm sure I will find more teachers has time goes on. Natalie does seem very caring and willing to share. I've found the best way for me to take in all the viewpoints is to let the teachers share want they want without getting in the way with worthless replies.
Lying Trump
It is the perfect place to learn...so many helpful people willing to broaden my horizons and share their insights. Nothing says "I care" like trying to teach someone which is all they are trying to do. Some days their love is overwhelming.