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The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.
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The Left say they should protest Texas abortion law by refusing to sleep with men. in politics
4 ups, 1m
I hope they do. The less sex they have, the less douchey liberal hipsters will be walking among us moving forward. Win win.
Cubans escaping free health care and education for the horrors of capitalism! in politics
2 ups, 3m
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. It honestly seems like you're mentally ill with these "we" comments.

Your Healthcare doesn't benefit me at all. I pay monthly to cover my family and I, not you or anyone else. The Police, firemen and military benefit us all equally and aside from the military, they're not provided by the federal government, they're provided and managed at the LOCAL LEVEL, paid for by MY STATE, LOCAL, AND PROPERTY TAXES. I pay for my own garbage service and if I don't, the garbage will pile up until I personally bring it to the dump or pay someone to remove it. My health insurance covers ME and I PAY FOR IT. My auto insurance covers ME and I PAY FOR IT. Homeowners insurance is not required by the federal government, it is required by the lender if you took out a loan to protect their investment, and is absolutely NOT required if I own my house outright.

The power grids might be regulated by the federal government but they are bought and paid for by people who pay their utility bills. You can even have private well, private septic, Install solar panels, and purchase propane for all of those needs ...completely off grid. No government control what-so-ever. Most people in rural areas live this way.

Not even close to 50% of my taxes go toward welfare. You pulled that stat out of your ass, try again.

"YOU ARE SELFISH AND DON'T WANT TO PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE." Pray tell ...what is your "fair share" of what someone else has worked for, Comrade?
Cubans escaping free health care and education for the horrors of capitalism! in politics
4 ups, 3m
Free Healthcare IS over reaching government. Anything that requires the labor of others is not your "right". Get a job and pay for your own shit.
Black privilege in politics
0 ups, 5m
No it wasn't for a weed charge, moron. It was a felony warrant for aggravated armed robbery against a female in her home. Then he had another felony warrant for fleeing the last time there was an attempted arrest. He was a piece of shit.
George W. Bush Blame in politics
0 ups, 6m
I am a huge Trump supporter who can't stand liberals. The point of the meme is that G Dubya and his family are RINO representatives of the establishment. Bush is out here calling for MORE fact checking and censorship. What a hypocrite.