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“One of the great challenges in life is knowing enough to think you're right but not enough to know you're wrong” -NdGT
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Untitled Image in rareinsults
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Damn, you are bigger than ur mum
dishes: washed in Dark_humour
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Your dish washer looks kinda cute ngl
God Religion Universe in The_Think_Tank
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That's why it's called "religion." It requires both faith and belief that it is true. I may not know what you believe I sure believe the Word of God is real. If The Bible doesn't convince, what about the geographical and historical evidence? The ancient cities and ruins and miracles once mentioned and how different text seemed like madness but with this modern age, it seems true. Going back to Revelations(I forgot the specific verse and Bible App isn't helping), as the two men, aka the witnesses, preach to the whole world, people will shun and shout at them and threaten their life... but for as long as God stands above them, they will not be killed nor harmed. Those who strike them will fall and die... [fast forwarding] The WHOLE world watches as the two men who preached the gospel are finally killed and brought back to Heaven, to bring the news to God - - - back then, before live media streaming, how do you think THE WHOLE WORLD would've watched the two witnesses be killed?

Again, I'm still learning the word of God but this is just one of many examples and parallels that show that the one true God exists. Here are some verses I referenced if it helps: Revelations 13:11; cf. 16:13; 19:20; 20:10
Anything relating to the Beast and the Anti-Christ, I'm not all too familiar with. I know the gist, of course, but not the specifics and what is and isn't known.
never hit your friend in mc in Minecraft
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What's the original image of this??
A N G E R Y in Minecraft
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