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booted off the ride again.... in fun
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its not the definitive edition.... that's for sure lol
bam in fun
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The game is called 'Daggerfall : Elder Scrolls of Oblivion 2'

The original game was released in 1992.... but a team called 'Daggerfall Unity' has put together a fan project that upgraded all the games graphics and bugs and junk.

I personally shot the footage for this gif 2 months ago.
Untitled Image in repost
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2006-07; 2013-2015; some GGz.

lot of reposting going on in the 'fun' stream rn, i'm new to meme-ing so i don't mind it; kinda just wish they'd have the brain to place it in the correct location.

Diarhhea flooding going on lawls.
Good Vibes <3 Peace | Love in politics
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chocolate dough vanilla icing donuts
No Longer Human in fun
0 ups, 3y = BETTER VERSION. [faster, and more frames]