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The only thing I like about the 2020 election is that if you believe leftists then Biden was so massively popular with the nation that he got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more votes than Barack who was outright WORSHIPPED by Dem Party voters. I don't recall anyone ever offering to worship Joe Biden.

But if one applies logic instead to the reality of a Dem Party presidential candidate who was obviously suffering from dementia and hid inside his basement for most of the election process and had to PAY people to show up for absolutely miniscule rally venues then it must be obvious even to these party-faithful leftists that the election very definitely WAS . . . stolen.
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chocolate dough vanilla icing donuts
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It was ice cream and cash.

The thing is, they would have (and did, actually) elected a potted plant instead of Trump.

That's how bad TDS has damaged their ability to reason, and use logic.

We saw it for 4+ years in the media, from elected politicians (of both parties), and big tech. No matter what Trump did, no matter how much good anything he did was for we citizens and for the country, they were against it. Period.

Once they reach that point in their "thinking", and with their willingness and ability to cheat, Trump never stood a chance.
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