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Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
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Goku Solos in Anime
0 ups, 3d
Goku could never solo Marvel
Untitled Image in Anime
0 ups, 5d
Actually it would be invisible because the breathing styles have no tangible effect 🤓🤓
How's this??(Not in order because you know my boy luffy is best) in Anime
1 up, 5d
Ichigo has got to be up there. Absolute chad picks for Musashi, Guts, and Thorfinn doh.
Lesssss gooooo in Anime
1 up, 5d
This quote is taken majorly out of context doh lol
Worst choice here in Anime
1 up, 5d
The worst is hisoka as the babysitter