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Hippity hoppity, your breathing is now a conscious activity
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image tagged in mama mia suicide | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Your bones are wet.
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Sorry for bad language in advance

So I was waiting for my friend outside the canteen just minding my business when two girls come out of the door. They see me standing outside and they f**king laugh at me for no reason. They went towards some stairs but I could hear them standing there and just laughing at me when I did anything at all. Guess what, two more came out of that door and did the same f**king thing. I get I'm ugly but I'm minding my f**king business waiting for my friend. You don't have to f**king destroy my day and mental health like that.

That's pretty much it. I got a bit carried away at the last part. Like I said, sorry for my foul language.
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Phillip is probably wondering where his older brothers who were also testers went.