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ATF/FBI VICTORY in politics
1 up, 7h
Has Trump been convicted of being a pedo?

Yes, biden IS a cult leader
ATF/FBI VICTORY in politics
1 up, 11h
Glad to see, with that bullshit word salad you typed, that you didn’t refute anything I said about pedo joe
liar, fake, grifter, criminal, conman in politics
2 ups, 11h
Still doesn’t answer my question about why do you care so much that it works you into a tizzy?
Illinois judge removes Donald Trump from the state's primary ballot because of the insurrectionist ban in politics
5 ups, 20h
So in your mind he’s guilty even though he hasn’t been convicted…
I really hope you never serve on any jury with that mindset
ATF/FBI VICTORY in politics
1 up, 20h
No conservative I know is defending pedo joe