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Just Say No to "Casual" DNA Testing in fun
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I will not send my DNA off to anyone voluntarily. At this time, the ancestry and health risk assessment test industries are not regulated. (i.e., 23andMe, Ancestry) They are gathering, storing and selling your DNA with anyone willing to pay, including the government. This may already be taking place. I have no reason to hide my DNA, except that it's the one thing that is truly me. Some asshole scientist might clone me for some nefarious reason in an ever-likely dystopian future. If my memory and consciousness of self remain in my DNA, I do not want a 2nd life. And even if I have no remembrance of my initial self, I do not wish to be reproduced for use as, say, a maid for some multi-trillionaire. But hey, that's me. Send off your DNA for "analysis" (storage and dissemination). Personally, it wouldn't change my life to discover that I am the descendant of Albert Einstein.
Futurama Fry in fun
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If California is so bad, why do so many people flee the shithole states to live here? Fool.
probably seen a cockatoo in fun
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Ordinary Muslim Man in fun
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A Muslim, a Jew and a Christian walked into a bar. They had a drink and some laughs together. The sun still rose the next morning. End of story.
The Cat From Oz in fun
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The only Pardon abuse has been and will continue to be by Drumpf.