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Yes there is proof. A mountain of proof. More proof than has ever existed for anything in the history of the United States. Do you want to see it?
Here. Start with this one. It will lead you to the rest. Over 25 hours of undeniable, indisputable proof. Video proof. Audio proof. Photographic proof. Written proof. Text and email proof. Phone call proof. First hand testimony proof. Proof from Trump himself. From his family. From his supporters. From his administration. From his insiders.
Here is the link to the first one. Enjoy.
Again, you have no idea what "hypocritical" means.
And by now you should know that cherish having TDS and promise to have it for the rest of my life. I will let it drive and motivate my thoughts and actions for as long as I live.
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No kidding? really? When? Please show us. And remember, challenging a result is not "invalidating." Like in 2000. They challenged, lost, and conceded. So go ahead and show us:
#1: The Democrats screaming that an election was stolen for over 2 years+, and
#2: The Democrats inciting white supremacy or any mob to overthrow the government of the United States and assassinate the VP.
Go ahead. I'll wait.
Once again, you have no clue what "Hypocrite" means.
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Did you just say "without proof?" Just because you authoritarian supporting traitors close your eyes for your cult god does not mean there is no proof.
There is more proof of Trump's crimes and the Republican attempts to ignore them than there has ever been evidence of anything in US history.
If you chose to ignore the J6 hearings out of tribalism and fear, then your opinion is irrelevant. All that matters is the opinion of the DoJ. You traitors literally ignore evidence because you hate the USA and what it stands for. 100% proven.
Like I've been saying, when the shithitsthefan, we'll be collecting your tears of outrage all while fielding your denials, deflections, ignorance, and new conspiracy theories.
I cant wait.
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Objecting? Thats your smoking gun?
Show me where they used white supremacy to overthrow the government of the US. I have no objections to Trump's objections and attempts in court...even though they all failed. Show me the violence caused by the Democrats "objections." Show me. (doubt you can)

And thanks for the article which I know you didn't read. You simply Googled to find something to spit back at me. The article's headline states that Biden told his fellow Dems, "Its over." And the Dems gave it up and Trump was certified. You lose....AGAIN. LMAO.
God I love it when you Trumpers prove yourselves liars and traitors.

BTW....its been almost 2 years and you Trumpers are still lying, coming up with conspiracy theories, promoting white supremacy, and inciting violence against both civilians and law enforcement. Good boy. Wanna treat?
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Nope. Trump is Trump. Crime is crime. And I/we have always wanted justice for January 6th and his attempts to use white supremacy to overturn the election, assassinate his VP, and overthrow the government of the United States in the name of his 100% proven big lie.
You literally don't know the meaning of the word hypocrite.