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How many more will come out of the woodwork at the last minute?
It's funny that the Republican party used to claim to be the party of morals. We won't hear that claim much these days.
Eighties Teen
So...jokes about vehicular murder of people you don't like. Classy.
Shitty hours and dealing with lunatics all day? No thanks. Regardless of my professional choices, Officer Loehmann is a chicken sh*t and should never have worn a badge.
If you're too chicken sh*t to take a minute to figure out if you should blow away a 12-year-old, maybe you should try mall security.
Cops are human. There are good cops and bad cops. Their training is bad. They've apparently been taught that maximum force (murder) is an appropriate response to every threat level. It's not. They need to be trained to de-escalate.