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They have done a lot of good stuff in starwarsmemes
2 ups, 2mo
Hahahaha, Kenobi, that’s a good one 😂
Untitled Image in starwarsmemes
0 ups, 3mo
It’s not possible. There are 66 hours of the Clone Wars, and 48 in a weekend. It cannot be done.
hmmm in fun
1 up, 4mo
I suppose one could use it that way, but its actual use is as an expression of thanks. When you type in thank you, one of the replacement options is this emoji.
Only in Ohio in fun
1 up, 4mo
I think not!
Disney ruined Star Wars for a lot of us in starwarsmemes
1 up, 7mo
No? I’m afraid I don’t understand. Could you please reiterate.