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I'm a conservative. Deal with it. P.S., if you see something you can't counter, don't downvote it.
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why can't we take care of our own first in fun
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Just like the KKK represents all 'Christians'.

I'm not joking, people've told me that before.
Creepy Condescending Wonka in fun
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I know a lot of conservatives, but none of them talk about wanting to kill Liberals, no matter how stupid they are. And all I see on the news is Liberals protesting this that and the other and threatening to murder people (like trump supporters) but I don't really follow the news that much. Maybe i'm just getting bits and pieces? But at the very least the government should quit funding Planned Parenthood... They are definitely not nonprofit, or deserve government funding in any way :l
The 6 minutes of commercials I have to wait through almost cancels out how sad it is. in fun
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Yeah, but it sucks that they count a 3 and a half minute guilt-trippomercial the same as any other 30 second commercial, which means I have to watch double the commercials...
Matrix Morpheus in fun
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A bit?