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Feed the Rodents in politics
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Kamala is the most liberal senator ever. But she's not as desperate or as dangerous as Nancy is. And Nancy has way more power than Kamala, no matter who's president. It's way easier to move out of her way and try again later than to have her eliminate you completely forever.
Taliban has more Blackhawks than Australia in politics
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And Joe's giving them (literally) tons of explosives and military-grade weapons -- while insisting that he's going to crack down on gun owners in the USA.
If it was BLM it would have been different in politics
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If it was BLM it would have been different in politics
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Trump supporters didn't commit Arson or threaten to kill anyone (the woman that was shot inside the capitol was a Trump supporter). They didn't destroy the priceless artwork or statues - unlike the BLM "protests." They didn't destroy any historical documents, firebomb any cop cars, or make any communist-bullshit "demands" about disabling Law Enforcement. They didn't take over any police precincts or try to intimidate the government with violence. Again: UNLIKE BLM "protests." It's okay for one side but not the other. You're okay with that???