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Merium is just fucking toxic lol in HTF_Fan_Club
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Raybid slandered one of my old friends and f**king harassed me and talked shit about me behind my back with Nemao the guy who dated a f**king MINOR. Finn Tallahassee f**king stalked and harassed the same old friend I mentioned earlier and me and my friend dumb_htf_child too. He dislike bombed us until we did what he wanted and still had his fans keep dislike bombing us. Skaggles just makes dumb dick jokes and is f**king lazy. Me and dumb_htf_child should be subbed to, not those three horrible people.
Nemao, xeba, I'm looking at you in HTF_Fan_Club
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Lol Nemao is the only guy that is bad you absolute retard. Xeba is a great youtuber and anyone that hates him is a big pedophile who is in love with Nemao and his shitty amnesia ripoff. F**k you.
It's true tho in Kyuubeesexual
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There's too many real and take sexualities to list here
Nobody likes kyubeesexuals in LGBTQ
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Yes it's a joke
Nobody likes kyubeesexuals in LGBTQ
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Made a flag for kyuubeesexuals lol