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Sup, guys! If you’re viewing my account, you can see my own stream I just owned, “Okie Dokie Literature Club”.
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apefan2 announcement temp in imgflip
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It might depends but right now we hope that “raiding streams” will be against the TOS.
Untitled Image in imgflip
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Maybe there’s a better way for the site mods to deal with turkey. That way is to ban him from making anymore imgflip accounts and alternatives as well.
delted but he's badass in imgflip
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We should also IP ban on underaged users because there is a minimum age requirement of at least 13 years or older and they’re not old enough to use imgflip. Site and global mods doing the IP ban on underaged users will improve the imgflip community and making sure the new users will STRICTLY follow the age requirement.

Here’s a story about an underaged user trying to get away by faking an age, an 8-year-old boy creating an imgflip account by faking his age which is the minimum for every user; he doesn’t care about this strict policy by making and posting memes in any streams and commenting on any of them; then a site moderator had to ask him did he fake his age; this user says no but the same moderator had also asked him when is his birthday (realizing he faked his age and he should be IP banned for being an underaged user). This 8-year-old boy was born in August 19th, 2015. His user was DECLARED underaged and ended up banned by the same site moderator who were interviewing him after many imgflip users (who are actually 13 and up) reported him as an underaged user. He did not get away from it and punished for violating one of Imgflip’s terms which is the very STRICT minimum age requirement.

That’s the end of the story. Thank you for understanding my point of an IP ban and reading this story to give you an example of it!