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Arab-Trinidadian American Girl in Drawings
0 ups, 2h
This girl has Arab Trinidadian ethnicity but she was born in New York. Her parents are Arab from Trinidad but her great grandfather on her mom's side was from Lebanon and her dad's side her great grandfather was from Saudi Arabia. About 1 percent of the population in Trinidad is Arab.
Italian Girls in Drawings
0 ups, 1d
I tried a different shading method to make it come out more realistic but their skin also looks darker. I love Italian girls because they are so charming and beautiful. My personal favorite is the top girl. Which Italian girl is your favorite?
North Finjistani Girls (Complete) in Drawings
0 ups, 2d
Which one is your favorite?
North Finjistani Girls (IP) in Drawings
0 ups, 4d
These are some girls from North Finjistan a fictional country I created in a fictional world. The fictional world I made up is very similar to Earth. These drawings are halfway complete and I will post the finished version here later.
Leilani Green Portrait in Drawings
0 ups, 1w
Thank you.