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Untitled Image in Everyones_A_Mod
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I see a hay bale made from dried grasses, sitting a top a low point in the hole made by elevation changes in the terrain.
Untitled Image in Everyones_A_Mod
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Why it look like the old person is getting ran over?
Untitled Image in Nintendo
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Ah yes, my favorite Nintendo character, Roblox l.
I'll post mine in the comments in dnd
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My campaign has a car, and they where getting chased by two people, they then backed up and ran over the two, then the driver got out and asked one of them (who's leg was curled around the wheel) if they were okay, and because of his charisma roll he was able to get the dude to jump into the trunk. He then backed up into a wall (they were in a garage) and the other person shoots out from the underside of the front of the cart, and then the driver, again, convinced the other person who was under the car to get on the roof.