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Stop trying to steal Michigan's vote! We chose Trump in 2016 and we're gonna choose him now in 2020! in politics
0 ups, 2y
What makes you think the democrats are cheating? Have you seen how many lawsuits trump has filed. He told blatant lies and was so confident of his victory. If he was so confident, then why would your party blame the democrats for cheating? The reason nevada is taking for ever to count is because the ballot counters are counting votes 5 times over so trump wouldn't have an excuse. Stop complaining
The BIASED Media Manipulated & Controlled The Conversation Yet The Patriot Pulls It Out (I HOPE)! in politics
1 up, 2y
Biden so actually winning and trump was so overwhelmingly confident that now I want to see trump cry when he loses. If biden gets nevada, he wins. No more trump!
Biden, Kamala, Poem, Vote, Crack in politics
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I still think kamala is a better speaker. Insult me if you want
VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Republican Vice President Mike Pence VS Democrat Senator Kamala Harris: WHO WON? in politics
0 ups, 2y
How can you guys just so blindly hate on people just because you don't like their believes. I don't like trump at all. And I still don't make racist and offensive jokes against him.
really? in fun
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Funny but I still don't like trump