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Change My Mind in Atheism
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"Since matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, and they exist right now, the logical conclusion is that they have always existed. Do we know for a fact that they have always existed? No, but that's the best explanation we have right now."

Matter and energy can't always exist. The law of entropy says usable energy decreases over time. So if matter and energy always existed, the universe would be in heat death by now.

"I haven't forgotten about your other question. I haven't replied to it yet because that reply will take longer and work is keeping me busy."

Ah. Understandable.
Change My Mind in Atheism
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"The Big Bang doesn't break any scientific laws. The Big Bang theory doesn't say that matter or energy were created. It says they were condensed into a singularity which rapidly expanded. They already existed."

But where did the singularity come from? If matter and energy can't be created, where did it come from? Also, what about my question for where the laws of logic and morality come from?
I look forward to the reasonable discussions that will ensue in The_Think_Tank
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There’s indirect evidence that the universe was created by God.

First is the complexity of the universe. All of life, from complex humans down to the simple cell, are too sophisticated to have evolved randomly. Every life form’s cells (or cell) have functions they need to perform simultaneously I order to live. They need to exist all at the same time. If it can’t perform one function, it will die.
Second is information theory. Information Theory states that information needs to have come from a mind, it can’t be from random chance (this isn’t particularly a creationist theory). DNA contains information, which must have come from a mind.
Third is the First Law of Thermodynamics, which states matter and energy can’t be created or destroyed. This means the universe couldn’t have come from nothing. The origin of the universe wasn’t natural, it was supernatural.
Change My Mind in Atheism
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Plus, the Big Bang breaks scientific laws. The first law of thermodynamics says matter and energy can't be created or destroyed. They can only be converted.
Change My Mind in Atheism
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"The Bible says literally nothing about the laws of logic, and the rules in the Bible are one particular set of rules. Does that mean they are rules that everybody should follow?"

It doesn't say anything that I know of, but my point is a naturalistic worldview can't explain abstracts like logic and morals. And the rules in the Bible are for morals so yes everyone should follow them.

"Criticizing the Big Bang for not explaining morality and logic is like criticizing oceanography for not explaining the formation of stars and planets. It's a completely different field of study."

I just used the Big Bang as an example, but the point still stands that naturalism can't explain logic and morality. Where do you think the laws of logic and morality came from?

"If the Bible explains morality so well, do you think all the rules in the Bible are rules we should follow today?"

They are the rules for morality so yes.